Introduction and contact info

Sometimes I have the feeling of being God…in a mini-version.

It comes on the days where a man with a huge nose, small hands and rosy cheeks flows out of my pencil. Walking in front of him is a cat with a tiara on its’ head. They didn’t exist a moment ago, and I wonder where they came from.

It is good to wonder.

I work as a freelance illustrator. My training was absolved at The Danish Design School, New York Studio School and the Art Academy of Lisbon.

I share a studio space and a little shop with a handful of excellent colleagues. We call ourself Bob Noon and are situated in the heart of Copenhagen.

My work range from commercial illustrations to artistic work. I love to draw , but I also get very excited working with three-dimensional objects. Comfortably based in my craft, I take pride in being able to vary my style to meet different demands and challenges.




My contact info:

Anna Jacobina Jacobsen


Phone: +45 60777697

Studio adress: Matthæusgade 21 1666 Copenhagen V.